FAQ about Sex Doll

Question Answer
Are The Heads Attached? Yes, heads are removable and adjustable.
Are The Jelly Breasts Worth It? It is worth it. Jelly breast is the main material for breast augmentation. 99% close to the real breast.
Are There Any Cheap Sex Dolls Under $500? You could check our mini and tiny sex dolls.
Can I Buy A Moaning System For My Doll? Sorry, The moaning system is implanted in the doll and cannot be sold.
Can Makeup Be Applied To The Dolls? Yes, we recommend using powdered cosmetics.
Do You Guys Have Any Sex Dolls Who Have Pubic Hair? Yes, all custom dolls have that option
Do You Have Dolls With Mechanical Mouths That Suck Penis? Some of our dolls are capable of automatically sucking penis if you upgrade your doll to the auto-blow feature. You could contact our online agent to check if your doll is able to upgrade.