WM Doll Introduction

WM Doll

WM Doll is a well-known brand in the manufacture of TPE and silicone dolls with worldwide reputation. We are proud to offer an extensive collection authentic WM sex dolls, providing you with the broadest range of choices. Each WM doll is meticulously designed to capture remarkable realism in every detail, from lifelike body proportions to soft and supple skin. With custom made options such as skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors, areola sizes, and more, you have the opportunity to create your dream WM love doll that perfectly suits your desires and preferences.

Skin Color of WM

WM DOLL provides a selection of six commonly requested doll skin tones to cater to different preferences. These skin tone options include White, Medium, Pink, Tan, Coco, and Black. With these choices available, you can customize your WM doll to have the skin tone that best reflects your desired aesthetic and personal taste.

Body Types of WM

WM Doll offers a wide range of body heights on their website, with a total of 23 options available. These heights range from 149cm to 175cm, excluding the heights of 149cm, 151cm, 153cm, 154cm, and 161cm. It's worth noting that all of these full-size sex dolls are designed to match the height of real individuals, adding to their realism.

To stay up to date with current fashion trends and cater to customer preferences, WM Doll creates new body shape molds annually. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the latest arrivals. Don't miss out on our newest lifelike sex dolls for the year 2023, as they represent the cutting edge of realism and craftsmanship.

Please note that WM sex dolls are manufactured using fixed body shape molds, which means that the breast size and shape cannot be customized. However, customization options are available for the color and size of the areola. Among the WM Doll collection, some of the most popular body types include 157B, 160B, 160D, 163H, and 166C.

WM Tech.

WM Doll continue to break through the limitations of sex dolls with the concept of innovation. They create more and more functions of sex doll.

Blowjob sucker

Breathing feature

Real Oral Sex (ROS)

Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton

Careful Remind: Anti-fake Code

Due to the popularity of WM sex dolls, there has been an increase in the presence of counterfeit or fake WM dolls being sold online. To keep their customers from being cheated and ensure the authenticity of their products, WM Doll has taken proactive measures by launching the WM Dolls Anti-fake System. This system enables customers to verify the authenticity of their purchased realistic love dolls, providing them with peace of mind and protection against counterfeit products. By implementing this Anti-fake System, WM Doll aims to maintain the trust and satisfaction of their valued customers.