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100% Genuine Guarantee. All of our products are made by original manufacturers. No counterfeit or inferior dolls here.

Our dolls are meticulously crafted to resemble realistic human features. They are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail to create a lifelike appearance.


  • TPE is a rubber/ plastic blend. It is flexible and malleable.
  • TPE is soft to touch and has an authentic skin feel to it.
  • Injection molding and body forming techniques mean doll parts such as the labia can be made to look and feel authentic.
  • TPE is extremely durable with high elasticity properties.
  • TPE is a good conductor of heat, it can maintain it’s temperature for long periods.
  • TPE is odorless.
  • TPE is a porous material. While this may benefit the looking feel, it can be problematic for stains and difficulty in full sterilizing the dolls.


  • Silicone is a very versatile and high-quality material, it is widely known for its use in cosmetic implants, predominantly for its life-like feel.
  • Silicone has been used in both the medical industry and in product manufacturing for decades. The techniques used in production are very advanced.
  • Silicone can be made to look and touch very realistically.
  • Silicone is a strong material, keeps its shape and can withstand the weight.
  • Stain resistant. Silicone is non-porous, stain resistant and easily sterilized.
  • The non-porous texture means it has a ‘super smooth’ feel to it.
  • Silicone is the industry standard for sex dolls. It is a tried and tested method.
  • Silicone dolls are generally more expensive.
  • Although smoother, silicone is generally harder to the touch and less flexible than TPE.
  • Silicone can be prone to tearing. It can withstand a lot of weight but certain areas can be ripped if proper care is not taken.

There are pros and cons for both types of doll and similarities to both. For example; they are both hypoallergenic, both retain heat well, they can both be bathed or showered for heating, they can both be customized to suit your needs and they both make excellent sex dolls. Ultimately, customers are happy with either, but generally speaking- TPE dolls are slightly cheaper so tend to be more popular. Silicone dolls tend to look slightly more realistic, yet TPE dolls tend to feel slightly more realistic.

The fixed vagina is built into the doll’s body just like a real woman’s vagina, which is non-detachable.

The replaceable vagina is equipped with a vagina insert looking like a sleeve that can be easily inserted in or taken off from the private parts.

The fixed vagina offers a more realistic user experience, and the replaceable vagina is easier to clean and replace.

Yes, sex dolls are generally legal in all fifty states in the US, with one important exception: dolls that resemble children are illegal. At Sweetielovedoll, we offer a wide range of doll types, including BBW sex dolls, tall sex dolls, big boobs sex dolls, all designed to meet your specific needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal restrictions surrounding pre-pubescent dolls. The sale and purchase of such dolls are illegal, as they are believed to promote pedophilia—a psychiatric condition where an individual is sexually attracted to children. While these dolls may still be available through unscrupulous sellers, engaging in their sale or purchase can lead to serious legal consequences and embarrassment.

As a responsible sex doll retailer, we recommend seeking legal counsel to familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding sex dolls in your jurisdiction. Once you’re well-informed, feel free to explore the diverse and popular world of sex dolls.

Most dolls have an option called “standing feet”, which often refers to the doll’s feet which are equipped with 3 bolts that extend from the footplate through the sole. The bolts are visible and are supposed to act as hardpoint reinforcement to support the doll’s weight to ease the pressure put on the feet and avoid damaging the delicate skin. However, since the bolts penetrate the skin, these areas are prone to localized skin tears.

Moreover, now comes a new option of “hard feet (standing without bolts)” for silicone dolls of some brands, which is also an option for “standing feet”. It has the same function as the standing feet with 3 bolts. But what’s better is that they need nothing but the feet themselves to support the whole body.

For both standing feet with bolts and hard feet, it’s not wholly recommended to let any doll just stand and support its own weight. Always use some kind of support to distribute weight and stabilize. Alternatively, use a specialized doll/mannequin fixture or stand. I know it can take away from the fantasy you may have but it is the reality of the dolls currently (TPE or silicone).

A water based lubrication is recommended. Always clean any excess lubrication off the doll immediately after use.

  • To clean any of the openings, we recommend using a water irrigator to spray into the opening, allow the water to run out of the opening, and allow to air dry. You can use an enema shower-hose attachment if you don’t have a water irrigator.
  • Alternatively, you can simply use a wet wipe/ soft cloth or small soft sponge to clean manually with warm soapy water. Ensure to clean thoroughly, reaching all areas inside the opening.
  • Alternatively, you can clean the openings while showering or bathing your doll using your hands or a small sponge.
  • Leave your doll hanging or lying faced up so that the water can drip out after cleaning and dry fully.
  • With all methods of cleaning- leave your doll’s legs slightly open, so that the vagina and anus are open to the air, and can dry naturally. Don’t leave your doll’s legs too far apart as this can cause damage at the seams over time.
  • Once the doll is completely dry, apply a small amount of talc to the exterior of the anus and vagina.
  • Do not use abrasive soaps or any other cleaning products.

Do not worry, all is not lost, the damage is usually repairable, but it needs to be done correctly to prevent further damage in the future. Please contact us and provide detailed photos so we can assist you. However, in the meantime, it is best to leave your doll alone until repairs have been carried out.

About Shipping

In-stock dolls are already finished and packaged in the warehouse, they can be directly shipped from US/EU warehouse.

Custom dolls are made in China and shipped from China.

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All sex dolls in stock will be delivered in 2-7 business days after payment is received. Expedited options are not available, you can ask for pick-up in Los Angeles (COVID-19 may affect pick-up availability, please read our pick-up terms). Currently, our in-stock items are only sold within the USA.

  • For Custom Sex Dolls

Delivery time depends on the manufacturer; however, any item that does not have “In Stock” in the product label will be custom ordered.

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We offer free & discreet worldwide shipping. But due to import laws, we do not ship to the following destinations: Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, or Brazil.

For more information on our shipping information, please visit our shipping information page here.

Yes, we can ship the parcel to your local FedEx/UPS location to pick up, please just leave us the FedEx/UPS location address in order, we will ship the parcel there for you to pick up. Please also call the FedEx/UPS to confirm it before the shipment.

Yes, all packages are delivered in discreet packaging, there is no specific sign or labeling on the box that reveals the doll inside. If you do not want to receive the order at your home, we can send it to a FedEx/UPS store and you can pick it up there at your convenience.

The model has been styled with hair, makeup, and accessories for photo display. All of our sex dolls come with the following things: 1*blanket, 1*pair of handling gloves, 1*cleaning pot, 1*comb, 1* free wig, 1*random free outfit (different from the pictures).

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We accept PayPal and credit cards. For more information on our payment options, please visit our payment options page here.

Yes, please make sure that you received an order confirmation email after the order. If not, please check the SPAM folder for the order confirmation. We will send you the order confirmation, doll factory pictures, and tracking information by email, so please offer us the effective email address in order and reply to us.

We offer a price match for all dolls, this policy is only available for authentic dolls. For more details, view the price match policy.

Customer service is extremely important to us. Unlike any other supplier, if there is any defect with your doll on receipt of your doll, contact us within 24 hours and we will either repair or replace the doll depending on the level of defect if the doll has not been used. All of our dolls go through a strict quality control process to ensure that these cases are minimal, although they do happen from time to time. For more information, please visit our refund policy here.

We will process the order in 24 hours. If you need to change the doll details or cancel the order, please email us asap, we will check it and reply to you soon. Here are more details about canceling.