ZELEX Doll Guide

ZELEX is a love doll brand created in 2020. With experience and know-how recognized by the TDF, ZELEX produces high quality realistic sex dolls with a level of fine details worthy of the best brands. 
At ZELEX Doll, 3D modeling of the ready-made molds is done using the body and the face of real women. Everything is carefully sculpted to give the doll an almost human appearance. ZELEX silicone sex dolls have a unique realistic appearance. The wax sculpting gives the doll a sublime body and an angelic face. The soft and elastic texture of the silicone used makes it possible to feel true to life pleasures of the flesh. The manufacturer pays attention to every detail and offers great modularity in its customization options (from eye color to the bikini wax).
Let your imagination run wild and explore with no further delay our luxury collection entirely molded in Platinum silicone.

How to Choose a ZELEX Doll

There are many default and optional configurations of ZELEX dolls for different series of heads and bodies. The following 2 tables can help you understand the differences between inspiration series ZELEX dolls and normal series ZELEX dolls.

Silicone Heads Features Comperation
Features Series Inspiration Normal (Hard) Normal (Soft)
Softness Soft Hard Soft
Makeup Realism Wax-Level Realism
Eye Brows Painted lmplanted Painted
Eye Lashes False lmplanted False
Hair Type Wig Wig or lmplanted Hair wig
Oral structure Full Oral Structure None Hole
Jaw Movable Jaw Non-Movable Jaw Non-Movable Jaw
Body Features Comperation
Features Material Silicone Body TPE Body
Series Inspiration Normal Normal
Body Type Real Human Scanning & BBW Other Real Human Scanning & BBW
Evo Skeleton
EXP Skeleton
Realistic Body Painting

Gel Breast

Gel Butt
Articulated Fingers

Hard Hands
Standing No Bolts
Replaceable Labia
Model zG165F, ZGX165F,
ZG167E, zG170C, ZG175E
zG130B, ZG143H, ZG145A,
ZG147A, ZG151A, ZG155C, ZG172F
ZT165F, ZTX165F, ZT170C

○※: Optional for ZG170C, ZG175E body

: Default

: Optional

: None

Features of inspiration series dolls

01. Inspiration series-body details

The combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. Entirely comparable to real people. Softer breasts, kneadable butt.

02. True restoration of oral structure

- Oral structure with movable jaws.
- Unique and superb experience.

03. New color sealing process

- Not easy to fade.

04. Replaceable labia

up to your choice of preferred labia shape.

05. Automatically Sucking Vagina

Externalized modules (new upgraded auto sucking vagina functure).

Special custom options


Ball joint is a special feature in ZELEX EXP Skeleton (ZELEX Doll Custom Option).

Regarding the durability of the ball-joint that were concerned about, ZELEX is using high-end joints with adjustable torsion. Its design criteria are: the torque decay within 10% after 10,000 times twist.

New sucking & moaning

New sucking & moaning function (ZELEX Doll Custom Option).

ZELEX has optimized the doll clip suction module by externalizing the circuit, air pump, and battery, and leaving only a water-resistant vent on the body. The advantage of externalized modules is that if the battery is aged or the module is damaged, the external parts can be replaced directly without causing harm to the doll itself. It is more easy to use and maintain, and it is integrated with a moaning feature. The new suction module can be fully charged in 2 hours with a 1A charger or in 80 minutes with a 2A charger. Once fully charged, the doll can work continuously for 60 minutes.

We also promise that as long as there is no situation of water damage, physical impact, or disassembly, we will provide a lifetime free replacement for any malfunctions of the externalized modules.

New insertable vagina

New insertable (replaceable) vagina (ZELEX Doll Custom Option, only available for ZG170C, ZG175E body)

Vagina structure

Internal folds of the vagina (the internal structure of ZELEX fixed vagina / old version insertable (replaceable) vagina)

Moaning when touching

Moaning when touching (ZELEX Doll Custom Option).

When you customize a ZELEX doll with "moaning when touching" feature, 5 triggers (touching sensors) will be added inside the skin of the doll around her boobs and groin, so that when you squeeze these areas, the sound box will moan dissolutely.


Face with freckles (ZELEX Doll Custom Option)


Sunburn marks on fornt and back (ZELEX Doll Custom Option)

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