What is Realistic Oral Structure of Movable Jaw Silicone Sex Doll?

Realistic Oral Sex (ROS)
The Realistic Oral Sex (ROS) Mouth, also referred to as the ROS Mouth, is an advanced mouth structure specifically designed to replicate oral activities with remarkable realism. This innovative feature incorporates a movable jaw, a simulated tongue, and soft simulated teeth, resulting in a heightened sensory experience for users.

The movable jaw silicone sex doll is made of a kind of new soft silicone, which Improves softness while maintaining realism.  Even the doll's teeth and tongue are made of soft silicone as well. Doll heads with realistic oral structure have movable jaws, soft tongue, teeth and uvula. The internal structure of the doll's throat is clearly visible, and it has a jaw that can open or close their mouths. You can't even tell the difference between the sex doll and a real person, and it can bring you a fantasy oral sex experience.